LuceMia – The EDGE Model

LuceMia - The EDGE Model

Kultivate The Edge Da Vinci’s Workshop BURN2 Show

The Edge is the Fashion part of Kultivate.  The Edge’s mission is to explore the true edge where Fashion meets Art, though its Edge section of Kultivate Magazine, through the Edge Gallery which promotes awareness of and celebrates Fashion Art in SL, through education and awareness of creativity in Fashion and Styling, and now also through creative Fashion Art Events.
The Edge will be holding its ‘Da Vinci’s Workshop’ Styling show and Live Art performance at the prestigious BURN2 Event on the 22nd October at 2pm SLT.
BURN2, which runs this year from the 15th – 23rd October is a one of the biggest annual Art Events in SL. It is officially linked to the real life Burning Man event, so this is a truly amazing opportunity to showcase Fashion Art in SL.
23 Stylists and Models from Kultivate’s The Edge were given the brief to come up with creative stylings and runway presentations inspired by BURN2’s theme this year ‘Da Vinci’s Workshop’ Presented on an unusual Art Build runway, this show will be a truly creative and very entertaining event.  Presented in a runway show and told story format (using an original story inspired by the stylings), and on a Renaissance Glockenspiel inspired art build, it will showcase Styling as a form of creative expression through the Modern Art medium of Live Art.

Styling card

.:JUMO:. Padme Gown Yellow
.:JUMO:. Padme Sleeves Yellow S
.:JUMO:. Black White Sides Necklace
.:JUMO:. Black White Sides Clock Bow
.:JUMO:. Black White Sides Neck S
.:JUMO:. Black White Sides Walking Cane
Machoire – Lusian Hat Lune
Attachment: FINESMITH shape of my heart wing / ***GIULIADESIGN***chatrinell – hat
.:JUMO:. Black White Back Part 01/02 /

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